Mellow Mark feat. Crosby Bolani Elefanten [Official Video 2015]

Mellow Mark featuring Crosby Bolani “Elefanten”
Director: Lui de l’Amour

2nd Single of the Album “ROOTS & FLUEGEL” (June 12 2015)

Director Lui de l’Amour visits South Africa and meets Crosby Bolani in his home-town-ship Gugulethu in Capetown. Strong images of the african getto youth in the video meet a cold titanic technocratic panorama of downtown Berlin where double-time-rapping Mellow Mark announces the coming of the “Elefanten” (elephants). Metaphor for a collapsing system with a flood of refugees and a rioting lower class. Mellow later in the clip flees to his homies in Sonnenallee / Neukoelln having a shisha reflecting on the subject of racism and both singers repeatedly encourage the listeners to unite and demand freedom and justice in the spirit of Nelson Mandela. The collaboration of a German and a black South African is a strong statement towards growing racism like PEGIDA and the heartless European policy towards refugees in the mediterranean sea. The elephant as a symbol of a strong but sensitive and empathetic herd animal which when continuously oppressed at one point attacks the oppressor regardless to the chances of a victory and tramples down any obstacle.