Pt2- How to Speak the Jamaican Language-Easy Guidelines

Watch in HD, as Jaynia of teaches some easy rules/guidelines for how to translate words beginning with DR, AU, AW, ALL, O and UN into the Jamaican Patois/Patwa Language. Learn how to pronounce and write the words in Jamaican.

Learn how to speak with fluent Jamaican accent and to translate from English to Jamaican Patwa/Patois Language with our online videos. It’s FREE!


• The Jamaican Patois language is still being officially standardized, so some of the spellings used here in the series, may not correspond with others seen elsewhere. Two formats of spellings are used here 1) What the presenter thinks best captures how the words are most commonly spelled, and 2) The proposed Jamaica Language Unit-Cassidy writing system used in the Jamaican New Testament Bible translation (Di Jamiekan Nyuu Testiment). This can help you to read the Patois (Patwa) Bible.

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