Queens/Grace Jackson Invitational ready for challenges

Organizers of the 2013 Queens/Grace Jackson Invitational, set for January 26 at the National Stadium, said they are pushing for a time efficient 12th staging of the event, despite adding the boys Class four 200 metres to the schedule.

Co-chairman of the organizing committee, Olivia McNaughton, said in order to facilitate the Class four boys and minimize the problems experienced in the past, there will be some changes, including limiting the number of athletes per class, per event.

They have added some special 100m races to the schedule, which will see special prizes from Lucozade going to the winners. WATA, Western Union, Grace, Training Camp, Creative Finishes and Caribbean Airlines are some of the other sponsors.

However, the question as to how will a meet, which will attract over 2, 000, can manage all the sprint events, 100 metres, 200 metres, 400 metres along with the 800 metres in the same day, Grace Jackson, who is also a member of the organizing committee, said they had to do it.

The Queens/Grace Jackson meet was established in 2001 with multiplies objectives, according to co-chairman of the organizing committee Aneeke Brown, it was primarily to help raise funds for the school

Christopher Cook, brand manager of sponsors Lucozade, said his company was pleased to be on board again for the 11th year, which will also see the running of the 4×400 relays along with all field events, except the shot put, ruled out by the stadium operators in order to preserve the surface for football on February 6.

Jackson, the 1988 Olympic Games 200m silver medallist, while encourage the young students/athletes to aim high, said 28 years ago she did not know she would have such a meet named in her honour.

The meet for which entry closes on January 21, will honour the school’s latest two Olympians, 4x100m gold medallist Samantha Henry Robinson and Latoya Greaves.