Berridos plz keep me in your prayers. Recently a thief broke into my house and stole my phone and laptop… I was in bed, around 1am I got up to take something out of the closet and out came a knife towards my face. I ducked and fell to the floor and ran out to get help. I wasn’t hurt physically but mi medz completely mash up. The idea of being in your bed, getting all comfy, preparing for sleep to embrace you and then BAM! a criminal lurking in your home aiming to murder this ‘sleep’. My beloved laptop, sigh. That laptop is old but very dear to me, it was what I used to record my 1st set of Tessanne videos, my parents couldn’t afford one so I entered a entered a competition and won it as my 1st place gift. My samsung phone was the 1st decent phone I’ve every owned. It mek mi know bout data plan life and google calendar. I’ve worked very hard for the little I have and it hurts me to know that whenever people, esp young ppl try do make something of themselves they immediately become targets. I’m slowly starting to give up on Jamaica and it’s only a matter of time before mi jus medz wa everybody a do and jus migrate. Silly me for thinking maybe crime and violence nuh dat bad, may be ppl nuh get hurt everyday, maybe the streets are safe… what a fallacy. Then there’s this thought in my head, should I have tried to play hero? Maybe I could have put up a fight. But I honestly could not take that risk especially with berridos who care bout mi and support my vids so much. What a good thing mi neva av mi new Social Media Countdown video on it. All mi a seh is BE SAFE PPL, thank God for life and fling weh you rose colored glasses and see Jamaica for what it really is.