Rseenal feat. Iyah Gift & Makonnen What Kinda Herbs [Official Video 2015]

In comes the New Reggae Generation (N-R-G) with their first officially released Music Video “What Kinda Herbs” Featuring DonRasta aka Rseenal, Iyah-Gift & Makonnen. These three ascending Stars of N-R-G took us on the journey of our most sacred sacrament from its farming to its packaging to its distribution; Displaying its productive uses while Explaining intricately the major spiritual, health, and economic benefits derived from the uses of the Marijuana plant. In this time when we are now witnessing the decriminalisation and legalisation of Marijuana uses locally and worldwide, this music video gives a colourful depiction of life without discrimination against the ordinary man to freely use his herb as a way of life.
Therefore we ask, “What Kinda Herbs You Have Today My Brethren?”

Purchase This Tune from Rseenal Di Artillary recently released project “Aluta Continua X Vitória é Certa” E.P available on iTunes

Iyah Gift

Yosef Imagination

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