Sewage and The City Part 1 Real Problems

This episode has taken us all around the city of Georgetown assessing a few of our major environmental problems. The garbage buildup, drainage and the sewage seeping onto our streets and into our drains from a system designed 84 years ago. In part one the focus is on the problems we face, with part two starting to look at ways to return Georgetown to the Garden City.
The thread weaving this all together is a focus on the quality of the Georgetown Sanitation Improvement works being carried out by the government of Guyana with the support of a $16million USD loan from the IDB.
Expect a few shocking revelations along the way including the use of the Botanical Gardens and National Cemetery as landfill sites, what happens to the photocopies of your personal documents, something you never knew about the Marriott hotel, renewing the call for Local Government elections and much more. Welcome to the real Guyana. The links to both parts are posted below and we do urge you to have a look at both to get the full picture.

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