Skeptically Speaking (S.03, ep.01): Season Premier Dr. Michael Abrahams on Trial!

Finally the wait is over! The critically acclaimed live to air web series, Skeptically Speaking, returns this Thursday September 17th 8:00pm EDT (7:00pm Jamaica time) for the season three opener with none other than the indomitable Dr. Michael Abrahams! You heard that right folks, almost one year to the day when Dr. Abrahams first appeared on Skeptically Speaking in season 2, we are bringing him back to face “charges” for accusing God of not being merciful. Jamaican Christians have been suffering the onslaught of Dr. Abrahams’ keboard for quite some time now, and it reached a boiling point last week when, in his Gleaner newspaper column, Dr. Abrahams declared “God Is Not Merciful.” Well, that one column sent the Christian community into a frenzy and now it is time for him to face the music live and direct!

Joining us for this interview will be none other than Pastor Cashley Brown, who was one of the first to respond to Dr. Abrahams article and point out to him that his attempts at biblical exegesis fall short and he completely misinterprets what it means for God to be merciful. You don’t want to miss this one folks. If you are one of the many Christians frustrated with Dr. Abrahams repeated attempt to “hurt up yu head” well grab a stone and come, the Yardie Skeptics are placing him on trial!