Skeptically Speaking (S. 2, ep. 9): Introducing Dr. Michael Abrahams

Skeptically Speaking returns this Thursday, September 4th at 8pm EDT (7pm Jamaica time) to put none other than Dr. Michael Abrahams into the “hot seat.” Who exactly is Dr. Michael Abrahams? Most Jamaicans know him as a charming and knowledgeable gynecologist who moonlights as an energetic comedian and singer. But of late, Dr. Abrahams has been carving out a space as a public intellectual with his weekly columns in the Jamaican Gleaner tackling topics such as LGBT human rights, crime and violence, and religion, which generate as much opposition as they do agreement. A self described deist, Dr. Abrahams is bound to provide an interesting and enlightening interview when he sits down with the Yardie Skeptics this Thursday!