Street Food The Soul of Seoul.

A culinary tour of street food in Seoul South Korea, including Spicy Rice Cakes tteokbokki, 떡볶이, Fried Snacks twigim, 튀김, Fish Cakes odeng, 오뎅, Fish Cake Broth odeng gungmul, 오뎅국물, Gimbap 김밥, Jjinmandu 찐만두,French Fry Hot Dog, Deep Fried Dumplings Hotteok 호떡, Soondae 순대, Korean Mochi Rice Cakes, Chapssaltteok 찹쌀떡. These foods can be found in Myeongdong and Namdaemun market in Seoul. Join Chris De La Rosa and Tehya De La Rosa as they take you on a culinary adventure in Seoul South Korea.

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