Tessanne Chin Wins The Voice; Tension In Ukraine; Who Won at the 2014 Oscars

Big Headlines this week: Tessanne Chin sings at the White House; Russia and US tension over Ukraine; Big Wins at the Oscars; Chad Young Passes

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News Transcript
Bay C…Icon…Yooowww

ListenMi …ListenMi… ListenMi… News

Welcome to ListenMi News

Let mi tell yuh wah ah gwaan fi di week.
Let mi tell you wah yuh miss fi di week.
Roun up di news fi di week.
ListenMi ListenMi … News news

History inna di White House
Tessanne Chin sing har voice out
All ah di women of soul
First Lady, Obama invite out
Like, Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Melissa Ethridge,
Jill Scott
Anodda big move weh Tessanne mek
Since she enter di voice
And win that


Jamaica Constabulary Force
Merged wid di Island Special Constabulary Force
Dat mean it is a new team
Of only red seam
No blue seam
Now all police unda one order
One command and every body folla

ListenMi news … ListenMi news … ListenMi ListenMi

Bay C (International!)

Tension between di US an Russia
An Russia
Meanwhile di people in Ukraine
Ah suffa
But President Putin
Why do you have a problem if
Urkraine join EU

Talking: Yute, dem guh luu
Dat Government is an unconstitutional coup
But isn’t it you who support
Savastapol for your Naval port?

Da. So now yuh know why mi ah
sen my troops dem down ah Crimea

And isn’t Urkraine di bridge dat link up
Mother Russia with di rest of Europe

Hmph, unno did tink di cold war did done?
Tell di one USA an Obama fi come
Yuh kno how long Mi did wah hol’ him
Yuh tink yuh did get weh yuh nuh!

ListenMi news … ListenMi ListenMi

Bay C (Entertainment!)

And di Big Winners for the Oscars 2014 are…

Matthew Mcconaughey, Kate Blanchett, Jared Leto, Lupita Nyonggo
7 awards go to Gravity
Ellen locked down twitter wid har Selfie

Mi nah feel too irie
Cause mi feel it fi all a Irie
Condolences to Irie
To di Family an friends of Iriy
Yow, mi kno di things from when it begun
Grove broadcasting with Mr Young
Den him pass on
An pass it to the son
Now ah R.I.P to Chad Young

ListenMi news…

Tessanne Chin sing har voice out

All police unda one order

Tension between US an Russia an Russia
7 Awards go to Gravity
R.I.P to Chad Young
Thank you for tuning in … See you next week
Listen mi!
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