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Written by @JaeRichards

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The Jamaican’s Anonymous Meeting! A twist to the regular AA or NA meetings. 6 Jamaicans join to discuss their stereotypical Jamaican problems they bring from Jamaica to their families. Jamaica’s own, Wayne Purkle is addicted to Jamaica’s beef patty. Jamaica’s own, Stephan Recreation is addicted to Jamaica’s dances. Jamaica’s own, Slynky is addicted to riding his bicycle like many of Jamaica’s men. Jamaica’s own, Rosknee struggles with time management. Jamaica’s own, Max struggles to keep up with modern day technology and is stuck with his Digicel from Jamaica. Finally, Jamaica’s own, Ran-D-Boo struggles to eat what his American born wife cooks for him. 6 Jamaicans with 6 Jamaican problems in one room… enjoy!

The Jamaican’s Anonymous Meeting!