Trial by Fire Trailer a film based on crps rsd

Trial by fire is a film based on CRPS/RSD a condition that can affect anyone at almost any age. We take a look at the people, the care givers, the Dr’s the disease and the stories of some amazing people with a condition that has left them at times in severe pain and broken. Directed by Charles Mattocks who is also a celebrity chef seen on such shows as Dr Oz, The today show and CNN. His passion for the condition came when his mother was diagnosed a few years ago. With his fathers sudden passing in November 2015 Charles realized he had to do what he could to try and get his mother some help with her condition. His passion for her set him on a course that would help others and their voices. Trial by fire takes us in the lives of some of those with this condition as we try to understand what CRPS/RSD is and how it has changed so many lives, but how they have also fought and stand tall through the pain. For more info on Charles visit his web site