WATCH: A Tour of The Emancipation Park in Kingston

Glimpses of Jamaica: A tour of the Emancipation Park in Kingston, 18-19 February 2015. Before this park was made, the Liguanea Park stood here where six-a-side football matches were played and Carnival was celebrated. Redemption Song – a 11 feet tall bronze sculpture by Laura Facey, a celebrated Jamaican artist, is at its main entrance. This sculpture of two male and female statues looking at the skies is symbolic of their triumphant rise from the horrors of slavery. Laura Facey said she was inspired by words of National Hero Marcus Garvey and later Reggae legend Bob Marley that “none but ourselves can free our minds”. Architect Kamau Kambui said that the “Redemption Song” represented “the birth passage and the process of traveling back to our roots”. Based on Jamaica’s history, Architect Kambui decided to create the Park with an influence of Afro-centric designs. Architect Kamau Kambui decided to use Adinkra symbols from West Africa which are visible throughout the Park. Kambui felt that Adinkra symbols would awaken the spirit of Jamaicans and reconnect them with their rich African heritage. Music Courtesy: YouTube Audio Library Title: Mr. Pink Artist: Topher Mohr & Alex Elena Genre: Reggae