Where Jamaicans live

Jamaicans exist in all areas of the capital and are increasing at a steady pace. Look out for the Jamaican flag on cars or the boxing gloves hung on the rearview mirror as you’re out and about, you will be pleasantly surprised!

This must be the largest Jamaican community with England. You walk down the street and you would think yourself back at home. Patois floats in the air, as do the familiar scents and sights of home. This is the place to visit if you need some ‘back home food’ or some plantain, fresh ackee, breadfruit or even some bay rum. It is also home to many other cultures, but by far the overwhelming majority is Jamaican.

At the other end of the Tube’s Victoria Line, you will find Tottenham, home to almost every other Jamaican who doesn’t live in Brixton! Again, you will be tantalized with the familiar faces of people from home, local produce and grocery items can also be easily found here.