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Who do I complain against a Jamaican Attorney to?

The following question was sent via the contact form of this site.

Dear Legal Wiz?
Please reply to me with the contact information to file a complaint on a Jamaican Attorney.
Mitch Anderson

Dear Mitch Anderson,
Thank you for writing in. You may lodge complaints and seek answers from:

Mr Ian Wilkinson
Jamaica Bar Association
Jambar Building
78-80 Harbour Street
Kingston, Jamaica
(876) 967-1528 / (876) 967-9034
Fax: (876)967-3783
Email: [email protected]

You make have the issue dealt with at:
General Legal Council
78 Harbour Street,
(876) 922-2319 / (876)967-1528
Fax: (876) 924-9190
Email: [email protected]

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