Ziggy Marley Releases Book Celebrating Life of His Father Bob Marley

Ziggy Marley Releases Book Celebrating Life of His Father Bob Marley

Ziggy Marley, the eldest son of reggae legend Bob Marley and his wife Rita Marley, is honoring the 75th anniversary of his father’s birth with the release of a book containing over 150 photographs the celebrate and life and legacy of Bob Marley. Bob Marley has been recognized as the “forefather of reggae” and as one of the best known and most influential musical and socio-political icons in 20th-century culture. Commenting on the release of the book, which is entitled “Bob Marley: Portrait of the Legend” and published by Rizzoli, Ziggy Marley said he was “blessed” to present the special collection of photos from the family’s archives. He added, “There is a cliché term, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’; from my experience of looking through hundreds and hundreds of photos for this book, I will say, yes, it is true.”

Combining both iconic and intimate photos exclusively from the archives of the Marley family, the book offers images of Bob Marley as on onstage performer and provides insights into his creative processes both in and out of the studio, as well as depictions of his family life in Jamaica. Using an oversize format, the book takes advantage of its design to create a monument to Bob Marley’s influence.

The focus of the book is the last decade of Bob Marley’s life, which was the period in which he attained his highest level of international fame. It includes excerpts from previously unpublished interviews and prophetic quotes to accompany the photo images. With a publication date of October 13, 2020, for the hardcover edition, “Bob Marley: Portrait of the Legend” is meant to provide the definitive portrait of one of the greatest musical artists of modern times created by those closest to and most familiar with him.

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