5 Foods to Try When Visiting Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

5 Foods to Try When Visiting Providenciales, Turks and Caicos - Grilled Whole Red Snapper

Turks and Caicos comprise 30 islands located in the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast of the Bahamas. The local foods include bananas, citrus, corn, and ocean salt, along with crabs, lobster, poultry, pork, and some more exotic species. Meats are usually served with corn, rice and vegetables and flavored with local sauces and spices. A traditional meal features grits made with dried conch or peas and local vegetables. Rum is a popular drink and flavoring in many foods. Some foods to try when visiting Providenciales.

1. PeppaJoy Hot Sauce

Featured in a popular eatery, Da Conch Shack, PeppaJoy Hot Sauce is the creation off dining regular Delano Handfield. The sauce is made from scotch bonnet peppers that are locally grown in Providenciales, and his bottled sauce is available around the world in various flavors. It is especially favored for use on conch.

2. Lionfish

Lionfish is an invasive predator special of fish that was introduced in the island’s region in 2006, and local authorities have encouraged chefs to incorporate it into their menu offerings since then. The fish provides tender meat that is served as sushi or boiled. Diners may enjoy knowing they are helping to save the region’s marine life by eating this destructive non-native species.

3. Fish Fry

When visiting Providenciales, a trip to the Blue Hills neighborhood to try its weekly fish fray is recommended. Locally owned pop-up restaurants fry and grill fresh fish long into the night, offering some of the best conch fritters, coconut conch, and snapper in the entire Caribbean region. Especially notables the curried conch served with some of the local PeppaJoy hot sauce and Bambarra rum.

4. Conch Ceviche

Providenciales is noted for its conch dishes, and these are many and varied. Almost all of the conch served at restaurants is caught by local fishermen along the island’s coral reef. Which is the third-largest in the Caribbean. Conch is a mollusk that provides a chewy, white meat that is similar to calamari, and when made into ceviche, it is mixed with sweet peppers, red onion, lime, tomato, and citrus.

5. Snapper

This popular fish is often served whole and second only to conch as a featured choice in every restaurant in Providenciales. It is nearly always prepared by grilling and served with a lemon-caper, shallot-butter sauce. The fish is flaky and moist and very fresh as it was likely caught the very day it is cooked.

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