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5 Things The Perfect Jamaican Patty Must Have To Be Really Good

Jamaican patties are one of the most delicious foods created on the island. Patty franchises at home and abroad have been widely successful due to our love for this mouthwatering favorite. But not everyone knows how to make the perfect patty. Here are five essential things the perfect patty must have to pass the Jamaican test.

  1. Crust – The crust of the patty must be made with just the right amount of flakiness, and not too doughy. Some people actually prefer the crust and are perfectly happy to enjoy it meatless if done right.
  2. Meat – There are many variations to the meat used in the Jamaican patty. Whether it’s beef, chicken, shrimp or ackee and saltfish, the meat of the patty must be fresh and properly cooked in a style that retains the flavour of Jamaica.
  3. Temperature – Patties must be served hot to deliver peak flavour. A cold patty can literally decrease the enjoyment by 50% unless you’re really into cold foods.
  4. Colour – The patty must be perfectly golden, sunshiny yellow. If it looks brown, or too pale, someone needs a refresher on the recipe.
  5. Seasoned taste – The perfect patty should contain the right combination of natural seasonings and spices to deliver the hot, tasty flavour Jamaican patties are known for. This includes finely chopped peppers, escallion, onions along with other local herbs.

Now that you know what makes the perfect patty, you don’t have to settle for less than the real deal. Never accept a counterfeit patty again!

5 Things The Perfect Jamaican Patty Must Have To Be Really Good

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Denise Clarke is a freelance journalist based in Kingston, Jamaica. She has written for print and online newspapers in Jamaica, Barbados, and the British Virgin Islands.


About the author

Denise Clarke