5 Reasons Why Chippies Banana Chips Is The Best Banana Chips

5 Reason Why Chippies Banana Chips Is The Best Banana Chips Jamaica

There’s no denying Jamaica’s love affair with Chippies, the local banana chips brand that has been satisfying snack cravings for decades. More than just another banana chip, it’s a real Jamaican snack that has always rewarded its consumers with unmatched authenticity in its flavour. Here are five reasons why Chippies is the best banana chips.

Authentically original
Known as the original banana chips, Chippies has been around for decades, long before any of today’s competing brands came on the scene. Many other brands of banana chips have come and gone, but Chippies is so far unfazed by the competition. Chippies lovers are also aware that some of the popular brands import their bananas and sometimes even the finished product, making it much easier to stick with “the original” banana chips.

Nothing beats the Chippies crunch
Some say that there is nothing like the authentic crunch of Chippies bananas chips.  The company seems to have found the right formula, with perfectly sized chips and the right amount of salt fried to perfect crisp for a taste that ranks way above other greasy flavored imitation.

Chippies/banana chips? Same difference!
In the same way that Gleaner is synonymous with newspapers in Jamaica, so it is with the name Chippies. Other brands may boast colourful packaging but their marketing investment means little to Chippies lovers who enjoy unwrapping the simple packaging for the authentic tasty flavours waiting to be devoured.

Chippies lovers unite!
The popularity of Chippies banana chips is evident in the way that random people will post a PSA on social media about the availability of their favourite banana chips. The “spotted at X supermarket” is like an unspoken alliance among Chippies lovers to let others know where they can refill their supply of Chippies.

One of Jamaica’s most nostalgic brands
There aren’t many snacks that you can pluck from a supermarket shelf that will instantly take you back to your childhood. Chippies is one of them. As the original playground snack for at least two generations, this is one banana chips where the packaging and original taste combine to transport you back to ole time Jamaica.

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