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Day 20 of 365 Things to Do, See & Eat in Jamaica – Have a Luminous Experience

Luminous Lagoon, Trewlanny, Jamaica

No visit to Jamaica is complete without seeing Luminous Lagoon, which is located in the Trelawny marshlands. Reminiscent of the days when sugar was king on the island in the 18th century, the lagoon was once home to a wharf where British ships unloaded goods for the island and uploaded sugar, rum and other exports to take back. After the sugar trade declined, scientists discovered that the geographical location of the lagoon was the best place to study microorganisms that live in the areas where salt water and fresh water combine. These microorganisms glow at night in the shallow, warm waters of the lagoon, giving it the name. The glow reflects the outlines of fish and other things in the water, and it glistens whenever it’s disturbed. A fascinating sight that can be viewed via a boat tour offered by Glistening Waters Marina. You can even get out of the boat and swim in the glowing waters. End your tour with some great Jamaican food and drinks at the restaurant.

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Jamaica has so many unique foods, places and events to offer. These things are often missed by visitors to Jamaica and even locals. Our goal is to have you try new things and see what Jamaica has to fully offer with something to do 365 days of the year. Please note that these are all our opinions and we are always open to suggestions.

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