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Day 292 of 365 Things to Do, See & Eat in Jamaica – Take a Tour of Mico College

Mico College

Mico College was established by funds left by Lady Mico in 1690 to her nephew Samuel, with the stipulation that he would marry one of his cousins. Samuel did not do this, however, and in 1834, he used the money to fund education for people of color in the West Indies. Mico College attained significant status and grew in size over the years to become one of the best teachers’ colleges in the region. It has made significant social and cultural contributions to the community and to the well-being of the population. In St. Andrew parish, Mico College’s buildings offer some good examples of Victorian and Georgian architecture. The Victorian-style Buxton House is located on the site of the original building, which was built in the 1890s during the administration of Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton. After the earthquake in 1907 and the fire of 1910, Buxton House was rebuilt. The bell tower on its northeast corner was donated by Buxton. Kelvin Lodge and Cottage both illustrate the classical symmetry of the Georgian style and the Jamaican adaptations made to that style between 1760 and 1830.

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