Dr. Millicent Comrie Ranked among Top 10 Caribbean-Born Female Doctors In US

Dr Millicent Comrie Ranked among Top 10 Caribbean-Born Female Doctors In US

Dr. Millicent Comrie, who was born in Jamaica, has been listed by News Americas as one of the Top 10 female doctors of Caribbean heritage practicing in the United States. Dr. Comrie is the director of the Women’s Center of the Maimonides Medical Center located in Brooklyn Heights in New York. Dr. Comrie was described as “an outstanding obstetrician and gynecologist” by Ken Gibbs, the president and CEO of Maimonides. He went on to say that her inclusion among on News Americas Top 10 list illustrates the high quality of the care she provides her patients.

Over the more than 40 years of her career, Dr. Comrie has been dedicated to education and the diagnosis and treatment of complex medical conditions experienced by modern women. She is a pioneer in the advanced surgical treatment and care of patients with fibroids and has also been instrumental in the development of techniques designed to help women avoid hysterectomies and retain their ability to have children. Dr. Comrie has combined methods from radiology and gynecology for the treatment of fibroids, a medical condition that is frequently experienced by women of color.

Dr. Comrie is a participant in the Blood Management Program at the women’s Center at Maimonides, performed complex operations with the goal of preserving a woman’s fertility and allowing her to avoid having blood transfusions if she so requests. Dr. Comrie has also been recognized by the Society of Foreign Consuls for her skills as a leader in the profession of medicine. The Society represents the largest consular corps in the state.

Commenting on her inclusion in the Top 10 list, Dr. Comrie said she was honored to be recognized for her work, adding that she was very gratified to provide comprehensive care to residents in Brooklyn and other New York areas. She also stated that she is seeking to improve women’s health care, which is a passion that fuels all her activity. Dr. Comrie believes that education is a “strong weapon in the hands of patients, surgeons, and other health care professionals.”

Source: News America

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