Jamaica, A little Bit Of Paradise On Earth

With a beauty so extreme for all the world to see
Jamaica is as close to paradise as can be
How delightful to walk by the sea in its
early morning light
and to sit and stare at its brilliant starry night

It has a beauty of which the half is yet to be seen
A beauty that is befitting a fairy queen
One look at the Island and one can see
What God had meant it to be

He made it with a beauty second to none
Of all the Caribbean island, to me it’s the most beautiful one
Jamaica, a place where people go to live their sorrows away
A place where beautiful sunlight shines brightly every day
Jamaica, a place where the refreshingly cool sea breeze relaxes the mind

Jamaica, another place with such beauty which is so hard to find
Jamaica, with all its beauty and for all it’s worth
It’s a little bit of paradise on God’s green earth

©2007 Earl Thompson

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Earl Thompson