Jamaican-American Millennial Ashley Moncrieffe Releases Mini Informational “How To” Web Series For Jamaicans Abroad

Involved in local diaspora community and events, Ashley Moncrieffe is the only first-generation American in her immediate family after her parents and sisters migrated to the states from St.Andrew, Jamaica a few decades ago. Following many years of cultural ties to her Jamaican heritage, specifically in the Culture and Entertainment sector, which she accredits her dad for ingraining in her as a child, Moncrieffe created and produced a passion project of a series of curated how-to informational videos detailing her experience of applying for an assortment of documents in Jamaica and urges Diasporans, specifically youth, to connect and reconnect with their cultural roots.

AshFiMon How to Get a Jamaican Passport

“After applying for some of my documents in Jamaica a few years ago, I got inquiries from relatives and acquaintances asking me about my process and what steps they would need to take to apply as well. I figured if they have questions, there are probably other people like them who may have questions too. That is why it was important for me to create this how-to series of curated episodes sharing my experience as a foreigner applying for these various documents in Jamaica” says Moncrieffe.

“As Diasporans we live a hyphenated life and oftentimes there is intense dialogue surrounding identity between many first-generation Jamaicans and subsequent generations. Like with anything, we consume a lot of information online and sometimes we don’t know what is factual from fictional. I want to be a tangible resource and not only regurgitate information that essentially anyone can find online but also share what my process was like in detail in hopes it’ll help someone else navigate theirs to the best of their ability.” Moncrieffe continues, “What makes this special is that there was no insider connection working in the back office to bypass any standard operating procedures and there was no one forcing me to do this. This is truly branded from a genuine place, to use my voice and experience to continue to build out brand Jamaica and strengthening the cultural ties.”

“If you’ve ever thought of applying for your Jamaican documents, you are going to want to watch the episodes in the series before you apply. It will help alleviate any headaches or stress ahead of time. Parents, encourage your young adults to take an interest in the additional culture that helped raise them. The time is now. Don’t just talk about it, be about it. Become the change you wish to see” stated Moncrieffe.

Moncrieffe’s web series include topics about applying for a TRN, Citizenship, and Passport with the possibility to include other relevant diaspora topics in the future. All episodes can be found on her website at ashfimon.com or her Youtube channel. For more information, contact, and follow Ashley on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @AshFiMon.