Jamaican Multi-Media broadcaster, Eddy Edwards, Launches ‘The Exchange’ Video Series, Featuring Conversations with Thought Leaders and Innovators

South-Florida-based multi-media broadcaster and marketing consultant, Eddy Edwards, has unveiled his latest venture, “The Exchange,” a captivating monthly video series aimed at fostering the convergence of ideas and the sharing of knowledge. This new program brings together experts, thought leaders and innovators to exchange insights, inspiration, and ideas.

The inaugural episode, launched on May 7, 2024, features a compelling conversation with Jamaica’s leader of the opposition, Mark Golding, recorded during his visit to South Florida where he had meetings with various stakeholders and attended the American Friends of Jamaica Gala on May 4th. Hosted on the Riddims Marketing YouTube channel, the video has quickly gained traction, amassing over 9,000 views within days of its release.

Throughout the interview, Edwards delves into pressing issues such as crime, corruption, and the state of the People’s National Party in preparation for the upcoming general elections. Golding’s composed demeanor allowed for insightful discussions on topics ranging from Bob Marley’s potential as a National Hero to Jamaica’s transition to a republic.

With his extensive background as a veteran broadcaster, including hosting several radio programs in South Florida and the popular TV series “My LiKKle Food Spot,” Edwards brings a wealth of experience to “The Exchange.” Partnering with Moment2Remember, he looks forward to featuring a diverse array of guests to share their stories and inspire the next generation of young professionals.

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