“Jamaican Patois Day” Declared With 24 Hour Challenge #PatoisDay

Jamaicans.com declared September 8th, 2022  the first Jamaican “Patois Day” as a tribute to Louise “Miss Lou” Bennett-Coverley, a poet, folklorist, writer, and educator.  It is the day after Miss Lou’s birthday which is celebrated worldwide as “Miss Lou Day”. The intent of Jamaican “Patois Day” is to continue the celebrations as Miss Lou was instrumental in taking Jamaican Patois (the Jamaican language) to the world in her work. Many of her performances and written work are in Jamaican Patois (the Jamaican language).  Jamaicans.com had honored Bennett with a live event on her birthday on their platform’s YouTube and Facebook channels.

The “Jamaican Patois Day” declaration was made on the Jamaicans.com Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook platforms with the 24-hour challenge below.

It’s the day after Miss Lou’s birthday and we continue the celebrations. We declare today #PatoisDay as a tribute to Miss Lou. Suh ere ah di challenjeh. Yuh ah guh chat Jamiekan Patwah fi di nex 24 howaz. Den use di hashtag #PatoisDa

Patois Challenge

Here are a few  Social Media fans responses to #PatoisDay:

Mi Jamaican peeps, unnuh look ya. Unnuh did hear sah today a PATOIS DAY? Unnuh caan stap mi now. – Juliet S

But a wah coulda cause dis yah hanah yah?? Mi deh pan it. – Primrose G

Buh cooyah mi use patwa ebbry day, becuz mi rate mi ancestor dem! Mi luv and respek Miss Lou to spread wi dialect #PatoisDay #Patwa – Earthangel A