Jamaican Restaurant among Four Best in Greenville, South Carolina

Jamaican Restaurant among Four Best in Greenville South Carolina

Hoodline Food critics have identified the top four Caribbean restaurants in Greenville, South Carolina, and coming in at Number 3 is an eatery called Jamaica Me Irie on south Main Street Foodies on Yelp have given the restaurant four stars. Jamaica Mi Irie calls itself “the only 100% authentic Jamaican restaurant in Greenville.” Diners can enjoy relaxing in a quaint and cozy ambiance as they savor the excellent Jamaican cuisine and great cocktails The menu features authentic Jamaican jerk chicken, jerk pork and curry goat, as well as a variety of curry. The restaurant’s owners were born and raised in Jamaica and then moved to New York City where they lived for eight years before moving on to Greenville. They say that not only is Jamaica in their cooking, but in their blood and culture, and they are excited to share their heritage with the people of Greenville.

The other three top Caribbean restaurants cited by critics and food fans alike are the Crazy Cuban Café, the Tropical Grille, and the Havana Kitchen.

Source: Hoodline

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