Jamaican Vlogger Jeana Lindo to Participate in European Union Project; One of Only 20 Worldwide

Jamaican Vlogger Jeana Lindo to Participate in European Union Project

Jamaica’s Jeana Lindo, 24, has been selected as one of just 20 vloggers from around the world to participate in the European Union’s Face2Hearts project. The project is designed to be Life-changing and involves taking 20 enthusiastic vloggers to unique locations around the globe and allowing them to report on how people’s lives are being improved by the European Union’s partnerships with nations worldwide.

Lindo, who is from Kingston, Jamaica, is one of the 20 vloggers who were selected through a public competition in which they displayed their passion for video, telling stories, and acting as witnesses to help in changing the world for the better. The application process comprised three stages, which included eligibility, pre-selection, and final selection by a jury. The jury considered the originality of applicants’ videos, the technical quality of the work, and the personal motivation, language skills, and previous experience. As one of the vloggers chosen, Lindo will be paired with another vlogger from Europe in her home country of Jamaica and tasked with traveling the country to discover how the EU has changed things for the better for people there.

Before embarking on her Jamaican storytelling journey, Lindo will travel to Brussels, Belgium, to attend the European Development Days event June 14-21, 2019, and receive some professional training that is designed to ensure success in her coming adventure.

Jamaican Vlogger Jeana Lindo

Jamaican Vlogger Jeana Lindo

Lindo’s passion for storytelling is evident in how she focuses on the way people’s fascination with imagination represents “the beauty of humanity.” She believes understanding the world depends on the stories humans have been telling each other for thousands of year. She notes that Jamaicans’ favorite traditional story of Ananse the Spider teaches children to find their way around any obstacle. Folk hero Ananse interacts with other animals who are usually larger than he is, but despite his small size “lower social status,” Ananse is always the wisest individual around. He manages to outwit those who mean to keep him from his goals.

Jeana Lindo graduated from the Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Photography in 2017. Her work has been exhibited widely in Jamaica and the US. She has traveled extensively from the beginning of her career and participated in community arts projects in several nations. She is a regular contributor to Jamaicans.com.

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