Miss Lou

Dear Miss Lou

Many of us never got the opportunity to thank you for the joy you brought us at childhood with you national TV show “Ring Ding”. We will never forget the many Jamaican poems, stories and proverbs you taught us.

Miss Lou you are Jamaica’s folklore ambassador and educator. As an actress, dramatiest, storyteller, poet and broadcaster you have paved the way for many Jamaican entertainers. You and the late Mas Ron (Ronnie Williams) changed the face of entertainment in Jamaica and allowed Jamaicans to be “Jamaicans”. You took patois to the masses and lifted the stigma that our unique dialect was for second class Jamaican citizens. In a nation that is sometimes divided by politicization you have always brought us together using saying like “Tek kin teet kebber bun heart”. You keep us laughing while always paying tribute to our great Jamaican motto “Out of many, One people”.

Thank You Miss Lou and “Clap Yuhself”

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Xavier Murphy