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Offbeat Kids Activites And Tips

The kids don’t have to be bored on your vacation to Jamaica or be stuck with the regular activities like water sports, cooking & crafts. Below is a list of educational/off beat activities you can do with the kids or arrange for the kids to do, depending on where you stay. Some of the activities can be arranged with the staff at your place of accommodation.

Take Reggae Dancing Classes – Reggae Dancing is one of the fun ways to involve your kids on a Jamaican vacation. A few of the all-inclusive hotels in Jamaica provide this for kids. You can also get the same service at small establishments by the staff. This sometimes can be a little more personal. Ask the attendant at your hotel. Your kids will love the beat and moves. Soon they will be teaching you.

Cultural School Exchange – What is life like for kids in Jamaica? A 1-day school exchange is the perfect way for your kids to learn. Some properties can arrange a cultural exchange to schools nearby. This will provide kids with a real taste of Jamaican culture & life through the life of their peers.

Animal Adventure/Nature Walk – Depending on your location you may not be too far from a farm. You can make arranges to tour a farm. Nature is a part of life in Jamaica and the plants and their uses can be a real cool experience for a kid.

Swimming With Dolphins – One of the best attractions in Jamaica that kids will love is ‘Diving With Dolphins’. Bring the swim gear. This is one of the few places in the world where you can actually swim with dolphins.

Language Lessons – Learning Jamaican Patois is a fun way for your children to get into the Jamaican culture. There are two ways you can do this. Some hotels have fun activities that mix learning the ‘patois’ through song and dance. Smaller establishments may have the children of the staff around and the interaction allows the child to learn patois.


Maintain Hydration – Have them drink at least 3 glasses of non-alcoholic beverages per day while in Jamaica. Water is probably best. Take beverages/water with you on excursions.

Sun Tan Lotion – If the kids are going to be in the sun between the hours of 10am-2pm, be sure to apply sun tan lotion on their exposed skin. If they get minor burns use aloe-vera, which can be bought from vendors all over.

Insect Repellant – Apply insect repellant often, as the mosquitoes are practically invisible. Apply before & after swimming. The mosquitoes are bad during rainy season. The mosquitoes usually bite around the back of the legs, ankles & wrists. If you are bitten use anti itch compound to prevent you from scratching yourself.

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