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Do all your Jamaican friends laugh at you every time you open your mouth and try to speak Jamaican? Jamaicanize your vocabulary here with our words that start with S
If you don’t see a term, tell us and we’ll put it up

salt: a term used when nothing going right. The term is derived from salt in a wound
samfy: a tricks or a con
science: the practice of witchcraft and/or obeah
screw: a frown of displeasure, a scowl
seh: say
seh feh: say feh; a dare; similar to “say something to me if you dare”
sey: say
seckle: settle
shoob: shove (shoob-in = bar, place you need to use your elbows)
sidung: sit down
simiya: I’m here
sinting: something
sista: sister
skank: to deceive, to cheat
skin out: unlady-like behaviour, a type of vulgar sexual behaviour
skin teeth: smiling
slackness: lewd, vulgar behaviour
smaddy: somebody
smalls: a gift of money or a gratuity
sopsy: weak, soft, puny
skettel: a term used to describe woman who emulate dancehall dress fashion
star: friend
stush: snobbish
su su: to gossip, nosey, to carry news
sugga: sugar
suck suck: home made pop in a plastic bag. The name is derived from sucking one corner of the badsuck, slurp
sufferation: suffering

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