Poem for the Jamaican Olympics Team Golden Glory

The prospect of gold lay awake in the night,

Records waiting to be obliterated by the Bolt of light,

And the timing came through when the time was just right.

A monumental moment for Asafa had yet to unfold,

An epic to be shared with Nesta and Michael…a race already sold,

The world about to witness an aura to behold,

The baton of glory embraced within the team spirited hold.

With the shot of the gun leading the golden procession,

On a feat shared by all four in majestic succession,

Off to glory in unison to their promised destination,

Their dreams and delivered prayers met in great culmination.

The women also excelled in their remarkable splendour, Shelly-Ann, Kerron, Sherone, Veronica, Shericka and Melanie all ran with great fervour,

All the hurdles collectively mastered in great honour,

Every track was covered in seconds distanced from any hour.

Every athlete sought to fulfill each aspiration,

They became an inspirational inspiration,

They displayed how to indeed perfect perfection,

An outstanding finish with a golden reflection.

A country that is proven undoubtedly second to none,

Unveiled a treasure-trove of eleven deserving medals…not just one,

Her sun will never set without promising stars to look upon,

Jamaica land we love, no sky limits your black, green and golden horizon.