Strong Roots

Many days go by,

When I stop and think if my life is a lie.

I wonder why,

I turned out to be so shy,

Or can’t stop eating junk food,

No matter how hard I try.


The fact is, as I take one perspective,

It is the Lord who has made me,

And my characteristics are ones that he has selected.

But as I stop and look back into my life as it is,

I realize its similar to things my mom did.


Shy as a child, grew up to be wild,

Sounds a lot like my kinda style.

And it took me a while, however with a smile,

I’ve now understood the answer to this peculiar trial.


As I think of Jamaica and my great roots,

I smell the fragrance of the fresh sweet fruits.

And I take a time machine back into time,

And begin to see the life that is now mine.


I picture my mom in her time of grace,

It is here where I have received my special traits.

From my homeland, the country which is so great,

My roots are mine, and that is my faith.

Strong Roots

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