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Top 9 Scary Reggae Songs

Scary Reggae Songs

It’s the scary season in the USA, when people celebrate Halloween. Even though we don’t celebrate Halloween in Jamaica, we have some of the scariest reggae songs about duppies (The Jamaicans name for Ghosts), spirits and zombies. Here are our top 9 Scary Reggae Songs.

1. “Duppy Gunman” – by Ernie Smith

2. “Duppy Conqueror” – by Bob Marley and the Wailers

3. “Duppy laugh” (Man duppy laugh haha, woman Duppy laugh) – by Flip Kay

4. “Hard Man Fi Dead“! – by Prince Buster

5. “A Nuh Duppy” – By Derrick Morgan.

6. “Duppy know ah who fe frighten” – By Elephant Man

7. “Lone Ranger” – by Barnabas Collins

8. “Gully Creepa” – By Elephant Man

9. “Sancho” – Chase Vampire

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