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One Island College Single Logging On For Love

Student Priority list runs like this:

1. Destination that’s wired.

Remember on campus we live the life of contemporary royalty: work stations, student life hubs and media labs that allows me to intercept and interface my ever present friends all over the planet. So my vacation spot gotta have cyber cafés and multimedia centers for all of us N-geners. Really now, you can’t expect me, a net generation dude, to be without my cyberspace. I tried that last Thanksgiving and 72 hours without logging on left my e-mail boxes swamped with junk.

2. Sizzling fun in the sun.

I want to get away from the maddening crowd, enjoying my eye candy with the lovely buffed babes on the beaches. For who can really ignore the inviting string of beauties in a warm climate, live and in living color. All for the lusty eyes, a Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Halley Berry, Pamela Anderson look a like, manicured with groomed, sun tanned bodies, daring me to lose control…temptation is a reality…

3. Nuff Free Drinks

Add to that, exotic free food, free drinks and a smooth surface craft to coast home on. Take me home, Air Jamaica.

Sounds like a plan, eloping to paradise, single and celibate, yet I want to get to know more about the opposite sex, in a rustic, explosive and virtuous destination.

Father, thanks for your garden of love… Negril, Ochi, Mo-Bay…Port Antonio, the spirit of One Nation, One Love, JAMAICA.

***A word to the wise, tell your college vacation travel companies and lodging suppliers, that while free meals and drinks are kewl, free internet access is a necessity, we students cannot do without it. Frankly every visitor of every age must be able to upload those latest digital pics, while blasting their kind of music all night long when on the break.

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