30 Women Names Jamaicans No Longer Give Their Children

30 Women Names Jamaican No Longer Give Their Children

As generations change and modernize, there are some female names that we can safely say have completed their cycle. To our grandmothers, great grandmothers, grandaunts these names were the best among the lot when they were being named or when naming their children.

As Jamaican mothers got into the 90s year, they started giving their children more modern names such as Melissa, Tiffanie, Sasha. And with increased access to the internet even more modern names have been adopted such as Emma, Ava or Riley.

Here is a list of names, Jamaicans no longer give to their daughters when naming them:

1. Winifred
2. Leonora
3. Joyce
4. Esther
5. Meryl
6. Patsy
7. Agatha
8. Millicent
9. Daisy
10. Hyacinth
11. Gertrude
12. Pearl
13. Beatrice
14. Claudette
15. Winsome
16. Viviene
17. Phyllis
18. Madge
19. Charmane
20. Joy
21. Maud
22. Ivy
23. Verna
24. Herma
25. Muriel
26. Gloria
27. Sherly / Sherlie
28. Eunice
29. Hortense
30. Mavis

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