5 Things To Post Instead of a Selfie

We know you have been bored recently spending most of your day at home, but even with travel restrictions, that doesn’t mean your Instagram feed has to be boring!

The truth is, the age of the selfie has been dying out for years now, (since 2015, when Kim Kardashian came out with her selfie book, entitled Selfish).

You can also notice a trend on Instagram in general, people are preferring more posed photos of themselves, often taken with self-timer or by someone else.

So instead of your boring selfies, here’s what to do instead!

1.Photos with Epic Backdrops

Even though it really doesn’t matter how you pose, it’s all about the background. So make sure it’s an gorgeous landscape or overhead drone shot. Go for a remote location, one that no one has any idea where to find. First them! Here’s Kristia Franklin posing in this gorgeous off-the-shoulder red dress in the Jamaican countryside with a row of red ginger lilies behind her!


Photo Credit: @MyRepeatOffender on IG

2. #Belfie Replaces the #Selfie

Turn your back to the camera and twist your upper body around and smile. This is another pose that Kim Kardashian made famous, the #belfie. It’s really about emphasizing the butt. So be cheeky! Here’s Sue-Tanya McHorgh’s take on the #belfie.

Sue Tanya McHorgh

Photo Credit: @SuetanyaMchorgh on IG

3.Take the Travel Photos to the Next Level

The trend this summer will be all about those epic travel photos. You must be missing all the views of beautiful Jamaica. So this concept is all about posing in front of iconic places in Jamaica, for example, Holland Bamboo, Reggae Falls, Strawberry Hill, Spanish Bridge and so on. Here’s Annesha Adams posing in Holland Bamboo in St. Elizabeth.

Bamboo Avenue

Photo Credit: @Annesha.Adams on IG

4. Make IG Your Runway

We’re not talking about the impromptu photoshoot of you posing with your phone. This is you thinking about a concept, getting wardrobe, makeup and hair organized and going to a location for a closed shoot with a photographer (while practicing social distancing). Here’s Jamaican-born international model Zoya Yaseka’s shoot in Malibu California.

zoya yaseka

Photo Credit: @ZoyaYaseka on IG

5. Take That Overhead Shot

These may require a drone, but will make for a truly interesting photo op. Here’s an example by photographer Corey Hamilton

overhead shot by photographer - coreymus

Photo Credit: @coreymus on IG

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