5 Reasons Jamaican Country People Are The Best


Jamaica has two types of people, country people and town people. The term ‘country people’ refer to people living in rural areas, and though their urbanized counterparts may think they are on the top of the scale, country people undeniably beat them for the win when it comes to certain characteristics.

1. Country people are generous and helpful

If your car breaks down or you need help, country people will be the first to stop to see how they can assist you. They will help you change a flat tire, get a jumpstart or ride a bicycle to call a mechanic while asking for nothing in return. They will offer a cool drink, food to eat, and lend their bathroom to a total stranger as long as you are in need.

2. Country people stick together

Whether it is against crime or some injustice, country people are notorious for banding together and sticking up for each other. Unfortunately for criminal elements, this sometimes results in vigilante justice, because country people will not stand by and watch one of their own come under attack.

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Denise Clarke