Bob Marley’s Daughter, Makeda, Joins DC George Floyd Protest with a Powerful Message to Donald Trump

Makeda Marley, daughter of legendary reggae music artist, Bob Marley, had a powerful message and a warning for U.S. President Donald Trump when she attended a George Floyd anti-racism protest in Washington, D.C. – that he’ll continue to see people across the streets of America protesting over the death of George Floyd for as long as he “occupies” the White House.

The remarks came as she addressed a crowd at a Black Lives Matter protest in which she claimed that “black people built this country.” She said, “Black lives matter. Hey, (Donald Trump) must know that black lives matter. And if he can’t see it written on the streets, he sees all the people around and we all can let him know while he’s occupying our White House. We built this. We built this country. Blood, sweat, and tears,” as she encouraged the crowd to chant “no justice, no peace.”

Marley was among a long list of celebrities, notables, and even a few politicians that have marched and spoken in protest across the U.S. after the death of African-American, George Floyd. Born in Atlanta, GA, and living in Minneapolis, MN, Floyd was killed on May 25, 2020, when a white police officer used his knee to kneel on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds.

While most of the protests have been peaceful, a number of anti-racism protests immediately following Floyd’s death turned violent and destructive. The Washington, D.C. protest was peaceful but was a stark reminder of the racism that still exists.

Makeda Marley

Makeda Marley is the daughter of Bob Marley and Yvette Crichton, born in Miami, FL on May 31, 1981 after her father died of cancer less than three weeks prior. She’s the youngest of the musician’s 13 acknowledged children. She’s a graduate of Coatesville Area Senior High School and West Chester University.

Source: Youtube