Caribbean Airlines Expands Network with New Route to St. Kitts

Caribbean Airlines Expands Network with New Route to St. Kitts

Regional air carrier Caribbean Airlines announced its latest route to St. Kitts, which will further enhance connectivity in the Eastern Caribbean. Starting 24 July, the airline will operate flights five times weekly, providing convenient travel options on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Passengers can enjoy seamless travel between Port of Spain (POS), Barbados, Antigua, and St. Kitts.

Network Expansion for Seamless Connectivity

The expansion to its air network serves as a key focus of its Welcome Home campaign. CEO Garvin Medera emphasizes the company’s commitment to the region, stating, “The Caribbean is our home, and as the leading airline in the region, we are focused on fostering connections, facilitating increased trade, and benefiting the economies of the region.” To support this expansion, Caribbean Airlines recently acquired new ATR aircraft that is expected to provide comfortable and enjoyable flying experience and enable the airline to optimize its operations and deliver enhanced service to passengers.

Caribbean Airlines Expands Network with New Route to St. Kitts

Image of Caribbean Airline’s ATR72-600 Aircraft.

Comprehensive Travel Options for Business and Leisure

In a press release that details the latest development to its schedule, Caribbean Airlines states that the route network underscores the airline’s commitment to offering comprehensive travel options. The new route opens up efficient connections between key destinations, presenting opportunities for exploration and trade within the Eastern Caribbean. The launch of this new route is subject to approval by the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority.

Caribbean Airlines Limited is owned jointly by the people of Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica, with headquarters in Trinidad and Tobago, and an operational base in Jamaica. The airline boasts the most extensive network in the Caribbean, connecting numerous destinations across the Caribbean, North and South America.

Photo – Caribbean Airlines Limited

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