Consulate General of Jamaica, Miami 2020 Christmas/New Year’s Message

Jamaica’s Consul General Southern USA, Oliver Mair Christmas: New Year’s Message

My fellow Jamaicans and friends of the Diaspora as we celebrate the Christmas Season and welcome another year, let us look forward with hope and aspiration. This year has been one of the most challenging years in history. But after the long dark night, comes the bright morning. And we believe as our great Bob Marley sang “every little thing is gonna be alright.”.

My staff and I, at the Consulate General of Jamaica express our profound gratitude to each and every one, who has supported us through these challenging times. First, let me extend condolences to all who have lost loved ones during the COVID pandemic which continues to impact our community. In this regard, please continue to take all the necessary precautions. Let me express my sincere gratitude to all individuals, companies and organizations that selflessly contributed to our Jamaicans in need especially at the time of the border closure where it was estimated that nearly 2,500 persons in the Southern USA reached out to us for some kind of support. No amount of planning could have prepared us for the raging storm created by this pandemic during those three months. But like a captain at sea, I was able to see the heroic nature of my Consulate team and the community at large.

Storms do not last. And this too will pass. Let’s continue to place peace over panic, and faith over fear. And this will take us through. As the Good Book says, ‘now abideth faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love’. Let us continue to embrace faith that we will overcome, hope for a brighter 2021, and let’s express our love everyday to families, friends and loved ones.

While we sing the good tidings of comfort and joy let us move into the festive season and the new year with gratitude and a continued sense of purpose. Through the thoughtful gesture of various philanthropic groups, we continue to support our beloved island home, Jamaica. As you know, there is nothing we can’t achieve, when we come together as Jamaicans. Let us remain committed to our partnership with individuals, corporations and community groups as we build on Diaspora development and nation building in our beloved homeland.

On behalf of the staff of the Consulate General of Jamaica at Miami, and my family, Tanya and Serena, I wish you all a blessed Christmas season of peace, hope, love, joy and prosperity, reminding you that “…those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles…….”

Happy holidays.
R. Oliver Mair
Consul General
Southern USA, Bahamas, Cayman Islands

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