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Creole In The Park October 26th – October 29th, 2009

Place:Botanical Gardens

LIME Creole in the Park is a concept which was born in 2003 from the need to satisfy the demand for a day event for local and visiting patrons during Dominica’s annual Independence season. It was also an idea for a fringe event to complement the World Creole Music Festival (WCMF).

The first Cable & Wireless Creole in the Park would take place over a four-day period in the week leading up to the 7th WCMF and would be located in the Northern section of the historic Botanical Gardens bordering on Valley Road in the capital Roseau.

Creole in the Park – Venue

Located about 50 meters from the Roseau River, is the 40-acre Botanic Gardens of Dominica. This area of undulating land is the largest tract of semi-open space in the city of Roseau. With an elevation of about 66 ft above sea level, the historical Botanical Garden is the cradle of the Cable & Wireless Creole in The Park event. Conceived in 1889, this verdant landscape of 40 acres provides the perfect scenic backdrop for the sun-drenched days of creole activity.

Sweet Music of Jing Ping music blended with steelpan, cadence and bouyon music. Old friends were reunited and new friendships made. From stage performances, Creole Cuisine, and local Creole products…these are the sights, sound and smell of Cable and Wireless Creole in the Park. October 26 – October 29 2009 at the Botanical Gardens – Dominica.

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