Gwendolyn Willie Celebrates 30 Years of Success with Jamaican Restaurant in Queens, New York

Jamaican Gwendolyn Willie has operated G’s Restaurant and Bakery in Queens, New York, for more than 30 years. The restaurant is known for its delicious and authentic Jamaican cuisine, and it represents the power and legacy of its owner’s dream and skill. Gwendolyn Willie, who is better known to her customers as “Miss G,” founded the restaurant with the humble goal of sharing the flavors of her homeland in Jamaica with the people of New York. She came to the US determined to realize her vision and make her American dream a reality.

A challenging beginning

The early days of G’s Restaurant were difficult as Miss G worked to afford the ingredients she needed to create her core recipes. With the support of her family, she overcame the obstacles. Her sons, Lodrick Cunningham and Devon McCallum, were instrumental in helping establish the restaurant. Cunningham became the delivery person and walked 20 blocks to bring customers the dishes they ordered. McCallum decided to help his mother build the family business rather than go to college, displaying the strong bonds and commitment to family that has made G’s a success.

A force in her kitchen

The driving force behind the restaurant’s achievements is Miss G, who credits her father for her work ethic. Even today at the age of 74, she continues to use her wisdom and experience to create the magical, authentic Jamaican dishes that have brought diners in for over 30 years. What Miss G loves most about her business is the customers, some of whom have been with her from the beginning and others who are new to her menu. She said that the love and appreciation given by customers for her cooking is what “keeps her going.”

G’s Restaurant culinary empire grows

While Miss G and her family started with a single restaurant, the business has expanded to three establishments in Queens. These include G’s Eatery & Bakery, G’s Homestyle Cooking, and Island Fusion. Each of the locations displays her dedication to creating a warm and inviting venue that encourages guests to enjoy authentic Jamaican cuisine and feel a sense of home at the same time.

Support of the neighborhood

Miss G said that it isn’t necessary to have “a whole lot of money” to start a business if you want to do it. She adds that she didn’t have the money when she started, but by working day by day and seeing the love and respect she is given keeps her working.

Plans for the future

She has no plans to retire as she sees generations of customers from the neighborhood come in. Adults who have dined in the restaurant since they were children continue to support her business. Miss G maintains her focus on the future as well and wants to leave a legacy beyond her culinary expertise. She wants to leave a legacy of love and passion in addition to continuing to provide authentic Jamaican flavors for generations to come.