Houston Restaurant Brings Jamaican Flavor to Texas

The Reggae Hut owned by Marcus Davis is transporting diners to a true Jamaica oasis of island flavor. Customers rave about the restaurant’s atmosphere and the reggae music played in the background. In presenting Jamaican cuisine with a Houston flair, Davis notes that “Caribbean food is soul food.”  The Reggae Hut offers soul food favorites imbued with “southern charm: and the influences of African, Latin, Asian and European flavors. Davis called his dishes an “amalgamation” like the people what make up the Caribbean He believes that this amalgamation of flavors is bound to make great food. The menu features garlic shrimp, oxtails and jerk chicken, or “Jamaican barbeque,” as Davis describes it. He views the Reggae Hut. Like Houston, a “melting pot of international cultures,” just like the Caribbean, and he thinks it’s “a beautiful thing,” that “paints a picture of humanity.”

Photo Credit: Instagram @reggaehut