I’ve had a love affair with reggae for as long as I can remember – A Conversation with Photographer David Muir, Reggae Reel Exhibit

Renowned Jamaican photographer, David I. Muir, a master of candid photography has a new collection—“Reggae Reel: Moments in Music.” This exhibit features Muir’s iconic reggae-music performance photos that he captured over the last decade.

The Pompano Beach Cultural Center hosts Muir’s collection of Moments in Music from August 10 through September 30, 2018. There is no cost to view the exhibit which is open daily to the public on weekdays between 10a and 6p.

On Sunday, August 26, at 2:30p, their “Audience with Artists” event, where guests can meet Muir and have an open discussion about his new collection, takes place in the lobby with Jamaican food and beverage offerings.

Jamaicans.com had the chance to get a little more info about Muir. Enjoy his responses below:

What’s your most memorable year so far doing exhibitions and why?
The 2012 exhibit featuring the Pieces of Jamaica collection is most memorable because of how connected I am to the work and how the community responded to the pieces. Each exhibit had an overwhelming turnout and much of the audience were not people who typically went to art shows.

As a photo artist who is constantly coordinating exhibitions etc, do you ever find time to enjoy the events? What is your moment?
Everyone who knows me, knows I enjoy everything I do. So, whether I’m coordinating an exhibit or just a guest, I am having a great time. My moment is really when I ’m interacting with people particularly around how they interact with my art and art in general.

Your happiest childhood memory is…
My happiest childhood memories are derived from times spent with my family and friends. I particularly loved my time at school participating in sports or clubs including other extra-curricular experiences with my classmates…especially the girls.

Finish the following sentence “If I was not an artist, art-activist…..
I would be a sex symbol.

The one thing about Jamaicans that make you smile…
Is our ingenuity. Wi tun wi han’ mek fashion. There is no such thing as not having what you need. Jamaicans will figure out a way to resolve any problem. There is nothing that will stop us from getting what we want.

One thing that is in my house that would surprise people?
My vinyl record collection.

I feel happiest for the day when I…
Am with friends and interacting with food.

One simple action you think everyone could take to make the world a better place…
Treat others as you would like to be treated, and, with a smile.

What other projects and events are you working on?
In addition to the Reggae Reel exhibit at the Pompano Beach Cultural Center, I am a director with Island Syndicate and we have many current projects including Island Origins magazine, the Taste the Islands Experience event, along with the professional creative services we provide to our clients. Our service offerings include magazine and graphic design, video production and photography services. I also teach photography at Broward College.

When you are not busy with work and projects what do you do to relax?
Go out to shoot for my own pleasure. Photography is my life’s work but also a hobby I still enjoy.

My favorite Jamaican musical artist is —-
Dennis Emmanuel Brown.

My comfort food is—-
Fruit. Mango, Pineapple, Banana, Papaya, etc.

Do you think there is enough being done to pass on Caribbean history to the next generation?
I think enough is being done to pass our history on but there is more that can be done and more would be better. Platforms like Jamaicans.com are participating in the sharing. I consider my work, the way I capture, memorialize and celebrate aspects of Jamaican culture, to be helpful with this effort as well.

If I wanted to impress someone visiting my city I would take them to—
The 1310 Gallery in Sailboat Bend, downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Where can we learn more about the Reggae Reel?
Visit the Pompano Beach Cultural Center website.

About David I Muir
David I. Muir is a photo artist, author, entrepreneur and community leader living in South Florida. His photo collections, including the critically acclaimed Pieces of Jamaica and its accompanying coffee table book, have toured in national and international exhibitions. He has owned and operated businesses in music, artist management, event production and fashion. Muir is currently part of the management team at Island Syndicate, publishers of Island Origins Magazine and producers of The Taste the Islands Experience. He serves on local advisory boards, including nonprofits and arts organizations, curates multiple annual Fort Lauderdale art exhibits, conducts seminars for aspiring journalists and photographers, and teaches photography at Broward College.