The 5 Mango Pedigrees That Only a Jamaican Can Relate To !!! Do You Think We Discriminate?

For my Jamaican-American children, mangoes are just mangoes. Imagine saving an East Indian mango amongst a bunch of other mangoes only to have one of your children eat it. Yes they left the other mangoes but ate the prized East Indian mango. They are surprised at your reaction toward them. Then you realize they also ate the last Julie mango before eating one of the other mangoes.

If they grew up in Jamaica they would understand that there is a pecking order for mangoes. Some mangoes have a pedigree while others do not. We Jamaicans treat mangoes like royalty. My children say we discriminate and call us “Mangoists”. Here is the royalty order and pedigree of mangoes in Jamaica.

1. The Bombay Mango  is king

Jamaican Bombay Mango
Jamaican Bombay Mango – Photo By X Murphy

2. The East Indian is the queen

East Indian Mango on Jamaican Beach - Photo by X. Murphy
East Indian Mango on Jamaican Beach – Photo by X. Murphy

3. The Julie mango is the princess

Julie Mangos
Julie Mangos – Photo by Natalie Reid

4. The number 11 mango is a prince

Number 11 mangoes - Photo by X. Murphy
Number 11 mangoes – Photo by X. Murphy

5. Everything after that is considered common mangoes. That includes Graham, Haden, Kent, Robin, Long and Black mangoes.

Common Mangoes – Photo by X. Murphy


The 5 Mango Pedigrees That Only a Jamaican Can Relate To pm