Jamaican Among 17 Teens Who Died in Florida School Shooting

Jamaican Helena Ramsey Parkland Shooting victim

Helena Ramsey, a teenager of Jamaican ancestry, was among the 17 victims killed in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, 2018. Ramsey was just 17 years old when she died during the latest school shooting incident in the United States. A former student, armed with an assault weapon, entered the school and subsequently shot and killed 17 students and teachers just before the end of the school day.

Jamaican’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade (MFAFT) issued condolences upon learning of her tragic death. Senator the Honorable Kamina Johnson Smith of the Ministry said in her message, “We extend deepest condolences to our Jamaican brothers and sisters and the families and friends of all victims as they mourn the loss of their loved ones. We continue to pray that the students, faculty and families who have been affected will find strength to overcome this traumatic and horrific experience.”

In a Facebook post, Curtis Page Jr., one of Ramsey’s family members, wrote, “‘My family lost an absolutely beautiful member today,” He went on to describe her as a smart, kind-hearted, and thoughtful individual who loved others and was loved in return. He also noted her “relentless motivation” in her studies and how she brought out the best in everyone who knew her. She would have started college in 2019.

The names of the others killed at the school are Alyssa Alhadeff, 14; Scott Beigel, 35; Martin Duque, 14; Nicholas Dworet, 17; Aaron Feis, 37; Jaime Guttenberg, 14; Chris Hixon, 49; Luke Hoyer, 15; Cara Loughran, 14; Gina Montalto, 14; Joaquin Oliver, 17; Alaina Petty, 14; Meadow Pollack, 18; Alex Schachter, 14; Carmen Schentrup, 16; Peter Wang, 15.

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