Jamaican Ann-Marie Campbell Ranked among Most Powerful Women in the World by Fortune

Ann-Marie Campbell, executive vice president of United States Home Depot stores, has been ranked as the 16th most powerful woman in the world for 2018 by Fortune Magazine. In her role as executive vice president, she has responsibility for some 2,000 Home Depot stores throughout the US. Campbell cites her Jamaican heritage as a major reason for her success.

According to Campbell, the “foundational aspects” of her life, which included going to Holy Childhood High School in Jamaica, made it possible for her to achieve her high position in the world. She believes the “structural discipline was very helpful as you think about the formative years of my life.” She also noted, however, that her path has not been easy as issues related to her gender and her status as an immigrant presented challenges to be overcome. She succeeded by approaching the obstacles with resilience and determination.

Ann-Marie Campbell Home Depot US

Ann-Marie Campbell Home Depot U.S.

“Your career is like a road – you’re going to have speed bumps, you’re going to have potholes, and I certainly had many of those throughout my career, she said. Her inclusion in an industry dominated by men presented particular issues in the early part of her career when her abilities were frequently questioned.

Ann-Marie Campbell went on to say that it was her passion for what she does that drove her to overcome all obstacles. She also made “constant investment in self,” which encouraged her throughout the 33 years she has worked for Home Depot Stores. She explained that she always felt that knowledge was power, and the ability to conduct fact-based discussions based on knowledge of a subject often elevated her during her career advancement. She always wanted to know what she was talking about, she said, and put in the time that allowed her to understand a topic thoroughly.

Campbell said she strongly believes in “living your passion,” and that she had found hers. She enjoys her work in the retail industry and loves having a role in linking customers and associates, as well as finding ways to grow the business. Even after 33 years, Campbell says her work is still her passion.

Information and Photo Source: Fortune Magazine, Linkedin 

* Edited on 01/05/2019 as we had listed Forbes magazine instead of Fortune magazine. 

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