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Jamaican Woman, First Female Chief Usher at White House, Fired

Angella Reid, who was born in St. Thomas in Jamaica and who was the first woman to serve as chief usher in the United States White House, has been fired from the position by the Trump Administration. According to reports from the CNN television network, Reid was abruptly let go this week. She had been appointed by former President Barack Obama’s administration in October 2011. In her job, she was responsible for managing the butlers, maids, chefs, florists and electricians on staff, also working closely with the First Family in providing guidance on furnishings and décor. Before taking the job at the White House, Reid worked with the Ritz-Carlton companies for 25 years. She was the second black individual to be appointed as chief usher, succeeding the first, Admiral Stephen W. Rochon, who work for both George W. Bush and Obama.

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