Where Jamaicans Live

Los Angeles is home to a growing number of Jamaicans, which are scattered throughout Los Angeles and neighboring cities. Below are a few areas with an influx of Jamaicans:

South Central Area
Between Normandie Ave. and Western Ave., one can find homes with a Jamaican flag waving in the front yard. This lower middle class area is made up largely of bungalows and small apartment complexes. Take note that this area is also made up of a large population of Belizean residents.

South Bay Area
The South Bay is made of several cities: Inglewood, Hawthorne and Gardena. South Bay appeals to many because of clean & quiet beautiful homes and lower cost in rent/mortgage.

Long Beach
This is a place where many of the Jamaican events are held and is home to a growing number of Jamaicans. With a convenient train/bus system, it’s easy to love the town by the harbor.